Feb 26, 2019

Pan Movie on Netflix - Movie Review

Do you remember the Disney classic Peter Pan? I do, it was an absolute favorite of mine when I was a little girl. I still watch it with my kids, its like childhood all over again!
So yesterday when I saw Pan (2015) movie poster on Netflix, a sort of prequel to Peter Pan, we had to watch it! 

The story line was great, it explained two interesting facts, one how Peter Pan could fly with such ease and number two, how he could understand Tinker Bell. But I'm not going to give that away, in case you haven't watched it, you would have to watch the movie yourself to find out. The fighting scenes were awesome, me and the kids were literally on the edge of our seats, and I liked that when the pirates killed the Barbarians, the barbarians just exploded into puffs of colors, that was an interesting and unique way to show off something that might not be suitable for kids but was essential to the movie. And I loved James Hook! you heard me right, and its not Captain Hook, its before he became Captain Hook, his witty comebacks are cool and so is he!
So make popcorn, get comfy and watch Pan.

Dec 17, 2018

Days Of The Week Wheel By Lita Lita

Hello there, it has been an year since I last posted! what did I do the whole year ?
Well had a baby and started homeschooling the twins! so I have been busy as a bee!
Homeschooling the twins is a totally different experience than homeschooling my eldest.
It mostly feels like balancing on a thin rope, to keep them on the same pace and still cater to there different levels.

Days of the week

Teachers Pay Teachers have been a great source for activities and worksheets for my kids.
We were doing days of the week and they were just not getting the order of days right. I searched ideas on Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers and came across a very helpful resource by Lita Lita, the Days of the Week Wheel and the best thing is its free!
I have included both links, to her store as well as the freebie. No, I didn't get any commission or anything I'm just sharing this because my kids were happy to learn from it and it made my work a whole lot easier, so thanks a million Lita!

It is a black and white 2 page PDF, I gave each girl a page and asked them to color it however they liked. Then we glued them to Lays packaging box. Next up I cut the wheel which has the name of the days in a circle, laminated them with transparent self adhesive book covering roll and secured both of them with a brad and had fun teaching and learning!

Here you can see my girls using it

Kids showing the days of the weeks wheel in action

They got the 'order of the days' and 'what comes tomorrow' and 'what was yesterday' way faster.
Thanks for visiting!

Nov 14, 2017

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

Hi there, so for the last 5 days I have been reading The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith, and for the last 2 days I wasn't able to put the book down, I mean literally. I was reading it while cooking, cleaning, between feeding the kids and everything, because it was so darn exciting, captivating and thrilling!
Finally I get done with it last night and I'm feeling pleased and happy as if I was the one who solved the mystery of the killer. I looked up the author and his other books and voila! what do I discover, the author is none other than my fav J.K.Rowling! and Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym. I thought J K could only write wizards and witches and boy I am wrong! I know the books been out since 2014 and I have only just found out but with 3 kids I haven't been in touch with my literary side lately.

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

Anyhow, on with a little about the book, I'll try not to give anything away. Its a second book about a detective Cormoran Strike, who's cunning, intelligent and a straight forward man. A writer goes missing and he usually pulls these stunts because he kinda likes all attention but when he isn't back, his wife hires Strike to find and bring him home. However, Strike discovers the body of the said writer murdered in the most gruesome way and although the police makes it clear that they do not need any further help from him, the mystery is like a throbbing of his amputated leg, which won't go away. Not for a second the story got boring, but was action packed till the end. 
Now I'm on the hunt for the other two books in the series, wish me luck!

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