Jan 27, 2012


I have been searching the net on how to make ones blog noticeable in this huge sea of personnel websites and blogs and I have discovered that its easy and not that easy as well. Apparently, writing a blog is not just writing stuff but writing them with a flare, a different way yet same, it can be your thoughts or any new technical or non technical article but it has to be entertaining. Well I’ll be trying my best to keep this blog entertaining.
The reason I wanted to blog was that as I am advancing in my years (not that I am old or somethingJ) I realized that over the time I have turned from someone who always wanted advice on something or another to someone who can now actually give advice. Being a mom and a house wife I have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge and I wanted to share my personal experiences so that someone out there can benefit from it too.
So on that note, I’ll end because my 7 month old daughter is now screaming for my attention!
Motherhood, ahhhhhh
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