Jun 6, 2012

Mother - Daughter Bonding

My eldest Eshal, got all quite and sulking type after the birth of my twins, at first I didn’t give much thought to it, the elder children go thru changes and mood swings after new addition in the family, so I assumed that the phase would eventually pass. I made sure she was included in helping around with the babies and tried to give her time to adjust, I tried but I just didn’t have time to brush my teeth mush less do anything else.
But then I started noticing that she was always on the verge of tears no matter how much I agreed to whatever she wanted, one stern look or word from me on any misbehavior and she would start crying as if her worlds turned upside down.
In a way it had, but I thought I was doing everything to make things work but obviously it wasn’t working, so I decided to get help.
I thought about where to go and I realized that the best place to get her behavioral input was her school plus I could get pointers on how to effectively counter her behavior: and hence the trip to the school.
After an hour long discussion with her principle, we came to the same conclusion that she did feel unsecure with the arrival of the twins so her principle suggested that I try out some stuff with her that involved just me and her and the one that she enjoyed.
I took out some time and after she was done with her homework we baked cakes, my eldest simply loves baking, so it was fun we also started making cards and stuff, I could keep her interested for about 15 to 20mins but it did prove to be a good source of mother and daughter bonding, it also brought out our creativity and I got to know that my daughter is pretty inventive.
Now we look forward to weekends because on Fridays we bake cakes and cookies for daddy, and on regular days we make cards for birthdays or simple thank you cards for the family.

Next I will be posting some tips on getting started with Card making.

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