Dec 9, 2012

Nappy Rash

Hi there,

I have a great tip on nappy rash since my youngest has it now a days so I thought why not make someone else's life easier too :)

Nappy rash can be aweful both for the baby and the parent.

When my youngest gets a nappy rash she won't sit, wants no daiper to touch her tushy, and cries alot

ofcourse and won't let me wash her.

My simple trick of fighting nappy rash is that after I wash her, I apply a little mustard oil to her wet

rash area and then pat it dry with a cloth I keep for her diaper changing, the point to be noted is that the oil

should be applied on the wet area and then pat it dry, thats the actual trick.

 I try to keep the diaper to the minimiun, only at night and just put on shorts or panties on her, it takes about

a day and a half to get rid of the rash. The cheapest and the quickest way that I have tried so far with my 3

daughters and it works everytime.

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