Dec 5, 2012

Heres a very quick and easy recipe of chicken, my kids love it and so does their dad! :)

I use 2 pieces of chicken, de bone it, marinate for 5 mins with salt and  black pepper to taste and  1 

teaspoon of soya sauce, the sauce is optional. 

Cut a potatoe in french fries style and boil till tender, drain set aside.

Heat a pan, in goes a teaspoon of butter, fry the chicken pieces, when they are done toss in the boiled 

potatoe pieces, stir, add shredded chedder cheese about a teaspoon, stir and serve.

My kids absolutly love it, last time I made this dish I added boiled peas instead of potatoes and voila! we 

had fun eating that too!

Have fun

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