May 10, 2013

Man's Shirt to Little Girl's Dress - My own Version

Ok so I wasnt always into sewing, infact I was totally against the tiresome idea ,

to my Mom's great dismay I guess, but then I had a baby girl and voila! I have cravings

to sew, little cute dresses, shorts and what nots!

So I have finally plunged in and I'm now sewing little everythings!

Here's is my project on turning a man's shirt into a girl's dress, the idea is in no way my own,

just type in man's shirt to girl's dress in the google seach bar and hundreds of tuts will come up.

I have viewed them about hundreds of time, my favourite is the one made by Dana, go see here.

So a little tip from here and there and I came up with this.

Here is her baba's old shirt

I ironed it out and cut out the sleeves, you should probably cut out the collor too,

I didnt because I wanted a longer dress, and this was my first time so I didnt want

to cut off too much, but it would have been better if I had cut it out. So this is what I had

Then I laid out my daughter's old dress on top of it and marked out the outline

Can you see the blue pen marks?

Then I cut it out and this was the outcome, not very perfect but looking somewhat familiar

to a dress

I sewed the shoulders together and then did the casting around the neck, and the armholes

I'm sorry at this moment I was so invoved in the project that I forgot to take pictures :)

I did cut off about a inch of the dress from the bottom to make it straight as it was too

long, and hemmed it. Before stitching the sides I made 2 stripes of pink cloth folded them

to about 1/2 an inch and sewed that on the waist and then did the sides, oh this is sounding

so very confusing!

Anyway, this was the final outcome

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