Oct 13, 2013

Peasant Dress

Hi there, lets talk about something other than scrapping today, like sewing! :)

I love all those peaseant dresses tuts I see around, I have spent hours looking at

them and wondering, humph, it seems easy I will give it a try, but something always

held me back, I have a habbit, whenever I decide about doing something I think

and ponder and mentally go thru every step of the process, till I am exhausted

and when I feel that I have thought the idea thru I start it physically.

So here they are my first project that got completed for the twins, the Peasant Dress,

well I made it a long tee shirt sort of to be worn with this cute red shorts that the

twins had.

It was actually Jamie from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom's tut that I really got the

thing clear in my head, may be my brain was actually functioning better at that time but

this her tut made something clearer so thank you Jamie :)

Please visit her blog, she has some amazing ideas and projects.


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