Dec 2, 2013

Nap Time VS No-Nap Time

No I have not had a nice day! Incase you are wondering that since this happens to be my third or fourth post this day! :)

Actually I had a pretty rough day, with me wanting a bit more alone time, because I am a little upset since yesterday due to certain events, on the other hand my kids decided that today was the day to get specially difficult to manage and to top all that I decided to try out a routine I had been thinking of which involved having no-nap time.

I am a firm believer of nap time, because although I am past the age to have a proper nap time, I still want one, and I feel refreshed after I have had a rest of 20 to 30 mins after lunch, I tend to nod off when I am putting the kids down to their nap, but recently I have been thinking that instead of that why not just put them to bed early, since I have one school going kid and 2 non schoolers. If I put my eldest to sleep early the twins want to play in the bedroom on the bed with their sister, no matter that she's sound asleep, no matter that she has to get up early to go to school. And they dont understand that when I'm telling them to be extra quiet it does not mean that I'm signalling them to be extra loud!

So today I thought hummph... why not make them all have no nap and then put them all to bed early, say about 8:00. but no mommy how could you! as a result they got hyper, and I mean hyper, not active, there were more shouting and tanturms and frenzied activity than I could put up with and then they absolutly refused to even lie down when I put them to bed at around 9:30 (yes it took longer to get them to finish their milk bottles and then changed)

So I have had my lesson, nap time for me and the kids is definitly a yes in my house! :)
And whats your verdict on Nap time VS No-Nap time?

Enjoy and Thanks for visiting! :)


  1. I have had this debate with a girlfriend of mine, who is anti-nap. She wants her children in bed early. I do too, but I am not willing to pay the consequences. If my daughter does not get a mid day nap, she is cranky and melt all night long. To me this is not worth an earlier bedtime. I will take my extra QT with my daughter in the evening and enjoy a little mid day relaxation.

  2. I am nap time proponent! In fact I have found that on days when I need to I can put my kids to bed early- they usually go to bed 8-8:30 but I have had them down by 7:30 if they are extra tired! If I skip naps then we are usually up LATER like you mentioned :( Good luck! :)


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