Sep 9, 2014

Baking Cup Cakes on my Baby's Birthday!

Hi there, so last month was my eldest's girl birthday, she turned six! she was very excited about her birthday, the usual deal, her friends get together, the goody bags and lots of running around, and cakes ofcourse!

But this time we did the cakes differently, Eshal said she liked cupcakes rather than cakes, and wouldnt it be fun Mama if you made 50 some cupcakes!
At first hearing 50 cup cakes made me wanna swoon! but then I thought hey why not, I mean not 50 but how about 30 :)

So this is what came about, I doubled my recipe and half of it was chocolate and half vanilla.

For the vanilla cup cakes, I coated them with chocolate spread and put rainbow colored sprinklers

Easy Cup Cakes Decoration

For the chocolate cup cakes I whipped up plain cream can with about 2 tablespoon sugar, then refrigerated it for 2 hours, then I took it out and over whipped it and it got a bit runny! but no worries I dolloped a teaspoon on to each cup cake and then added smarties and sprinklers the affect was so beautiful that everyone ate them before the actual dinner! :)

Easy Cup Cakes Decoration

Yum Yum!

Easy Cup Cakes Decoration

I liked that it was something easy to arrange and my girl loved it, double bonus :)
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