May 19, 2016

Canvas Painting

Hi there, my new obsession is to learn how to paint; I guess its not so new, I have always wanted to but never had the time, lately though the feeling has been driving me nuts!!!
Luckily I have a super talented cousin, who is an entrepreneur, she started her business some 4 to 5 years ago and now has a complete art and craft store plus does some awesome custom made canvases, great inspiration, you might know her as the lady behind The Whatnots Shop, visit her blog and follow her on FB

Bought this stuff from her to get meself started ahoy!


I was thinking of doing some real simple canvases for the girls room, some thing that does not involve too much technique, but it wouldn't be me if I didn't mess up! you'll see what I mean

The first canvas started out pretty good, in my excitement, I did not take step by step pics, my plan was to have four squares, with two colors opposite to each other, this was going pretty well, had a plus tapped down with the masking tape. In fact the two pink squares came out really well, and then I got over confident :) and pressed the other bottle's middle too hard! :(
PLOP! the top of it burst open and dumped all the blue paint over the canvas, i was like shocked for 2 sec, thinking yes something had to go wrong, then went into action and tried to get as much paint off of it as I can, but alas it was ruined!

 I further tried to salvage it by brushing the two colors alternativly on the entire canvas but it just didnt feel right :(

With the second one I was too scared to touch, honestly, but then first time's always a mess right ?
Here's what my second canvas looks like and though it may not be too artisty, I like it


 I thought after with the first attempt I 'll take this as lightly as possible and just do some thing abstract, found some similar tutorials on Youtube, and went ahead with it, I jazzed it up with one of girls nail art kit, they got it on Eid, but I wasn't going to let them do their nails, so I glued some of the flowers and butterflies on it :)

 thats it :)
thanks for visiting!
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