Oct 1, 2012

Stolen by Lesley Pearse

I have discovered a new writer, Lesley Pearse. I would describe her way of writing as humors, she has

 a very good understanding of the human nature and her characters have depth.

Stolen, is a story about a young woman who goes thru so much and finds out that she is, infact tougher

and stronger than she thought she was.

She is emotionally blackmailed, imprisoned and forced to have a baby, and then is accused of murder.

I kept reaching for the book to sneak a few words here and there, when i was not reading it I was

thinking about what’s going to happen next, it didn’t bore me and that’s the kind of books I like where I

don’t have to make myself read them just because I have to.

So if your are looking for something inspiring, then I suggest Stolen.

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