Oct 5, 2012

Hi, I got a new hobby, I’m making clip for my girls, its my do-it-yourself project.

Every article I ever read on being a mom, or how to handle motherhood, losing sanity with kids, or how

to keep up with being a house wife + mom, everyone of them says that take some time out for yourself,

don’t let your creativity die, have some me time. Well the truth is when you have kids, then there is no

me left, it becomes us. What I mean is that after reading those articles I would immediately go into the

planning mood and arrange my timetable mentally to include some me time and with kids no matter how

much u try to keep a time table some days are just unpredictable, some are nice quite days where as

some are crazy days. My kids would stick to a routine for 3 or 4 days and then the next 3 or 4 days they

would make sure they don’t stick to it, I mean some days they sleep straight 3 hour and some days they

would sleep for an hour or so and keep me crazy the rest of the day. If one of the twins is asleep all

peaceful and quiet the other would act like a complete brat! :) (I love my kids but lets face it they

sometimes do act like brats!)

The end result would be that I would get frustrated because I cant keep up with a project or can’t read

the book that I started. Anyhow, after 4 years of motherhood I have realized one thing, that no matter

how much you plan and you do have to plan right :), the thing that’s makes you going is flexibility.

So now I have a book on my refrigerator, within my reach if I get a few minutes, I have some stuff for

my new DIY projects and I got my laptop all set and ready.

I don’t know if I made any sense or not, I just felt like blabbering! hehehe

Anyhow, here are some of the finished clips. I was so excited when I got done with these that I couldn't

sit still! ;)

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