Dec 18, 2012

Boy Jacket to Girl Jacket

Ok my eldest has gone into the complete girly mode, she wont watch

ben ten beacuse thats a boys cartoon, she wants to play with Barbie 

and not with the ball, she wants to put on makeup and talk about how 

to make her hair grow longer! sheesh and she's just four meaning this 

is just the beggining to the long long long road to dress ups and parties 

and barbies and what nots!

Anyways, at the begining of winter and summer, my father-in-law, gets 

this whole load of low price whole sale sort of cloths for his grandkids,

and everyone takes whatever fits them. 

He bought all of his grand kids jackets, so Eshal got a black and red jacket 

with ben ten sticker at the left side of it. Now Eshal wont wear it becuae 

of the sticker so I went ahead and did some redesigning. 

First off, I took the ben ten sticker with lots of ironing on it and peeling it 

off, after that I got some red and black velevet ribbons and glued them, 

made some yarn flowers, there are loads of tutorials on them, stitched 

them to the front of the jacket to cover up the sticker residue, added 

buttons because I love buttons and for me, no project is complete 

without them :)

And tada! my girls was so happy to see this and that made me have a 

feling thats something like having a ballon of happiness indside me :)

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