Nov 19, 2013

A kitchen tip!

Hi there friends, thougt I would share this amazing tip with you all, since the winter is here
and I'm sure you all enjoy hard boiled eggs and have to be extra careful not to put in the
cracked ones.

Just add a pinch of salt to water and egg, and let it boil to your hearts content!
Even if the egg's cracked it wont get outside and mess up.
My grandmother used to do this and when asked the reason she would just shrug and say
she saw her mom do it so she does it, I never really understood untill I started cooking
and experimenting, so I came to know the magic of salt, thought I'm sure its no magic and
just plain science.

But it works everytime, mostly I'm in a hurry and dont have time to go thru every egg carefully
and I get very frustrated when the egg just spills all out and I have to clean it up and boil another one
Putting the salt in it helps everytime, try it next time :)

take care 

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