Oct 20, 2014

T-Shirt to Dress/Long Shirt for Girls

Hi there, so I'm no great sewing expert in fact I'm a learner, very beginner, making a mistake and then learning and doing things over and over and over again kind a faze :)

I have got three girls so I have lots and lots of projects lined up and today I wanted to share this really cute long shirt that I whipped up for my eldest, I love the easy part of it

Here is a pic of my baby brother's t-shirt , whose not a baby anymore :), he hardly wore it once or twice and out grew it quickly I just loved it so much I asked mom to give it to me, which she did, sweet mum :)

The length was perfect and I wanted to keep the hem, and I also didnt want to cut away the collor or shoulders, so I basically just tightened it a bit, by cutting away an inch or so from both sides under the arms and chest.

The shoulders were dropping of-course, to fix that I added elastic, from the neck to the end of the sleeves, it was trial and error to get these right, I had to shorten the length of the elastic a bit then I had originally cut out, kept trying it out on Eshal to see what looked right 

And here is the finished product, it goes well with her red tights, but me being me was in a hurry to get the photo shoot done lest the twins woke up! hehehe

I get my ideas from all over the internet but my fav place is craftinessisnotoptional, I love love her blog and her tips and ticks are just great for beginners.

Thanks for visiting!

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