Nov 1, 2014

ScrappyBee Blog Train FREEBIE!

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

I feel like the rabbit in Alice In the Wonderland! :)
Since last night I have been thinking about putting up my post, just thinking, because there are a 101 things to do before I can get to my PC! sheesh!

Sorry for the late post everyone, but I guess its ok to be late then not posting it at all right? I don't know, I was remembering some saying along those lines but now it has completely slipped my mind. and lest my twins wake up and I'm further delayed, here's my part :)

Pick whatever suits you better 4Shared or Mediafire

BlogTrain Freebie Preview

And here is the rest of the train, we love hearing what you say so don't be shy, leave us some love :)

Thanks for visiting, enjoy!


  1. Beautiful colors!! Love the soft colors!! Beautiful papers!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!


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